SKB-Bank’s shares on MICEX A list

25 March 2011 (10:37)

OAO SKB-Bank’s stock debentures (series BO 03) were promoted from MICEX B to A1 quotations list. This means that the bank fully meets all of MICEX’s financial requirements and enjoys a great level of corporate governance and business transparency.

‘Once they have been promoted to A quotation list, our high-yield debentures become even more investor-attractive as they offer a combination of great reliability and excellent investment opportunities,’ the bank’s analysts report.

SKB-Bank went through with this BO 03 bond issue, worth 3 billion RUR altogether, on November 30, 2010. The bonds will be in circulation for 1,092 days (three years). On March 15, 2011, the bank’s debentures were placed on the Bank of Russia Lombard List.

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