Zima-Leto: limits on Egypt leave travel agents sale-less

17 March 2011 (09:33)

The situation in Egypt is no longer so dangerous as to preclude tourist trips there. In my opinion, the fact the ban on traveling there still hasn’t been lifted can be seen as a violation of citizens’ rights to freedom of movement,’ says the Director of Zima-Leto Group Olga Gulyar.

‘In fact, the state of events is quite alarming. The thing is, Egypt is No. 1 sales product for both the travel agents and the tour operators. These tours amounted to about 70% of all their sales in February and March. Now, however, it turns out companies have almost nothing to sell: trips to places like Thailand, the UAE, and Goa have already been sold out, while the early booking offers on trips to Turkey, Bulgaria and Greece will be over by the end of the month,’ Ms Gulyar adds.

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