FAS might look into Bank Tinkoff ad

11 March 2011 (10:01)

Russia’s Federal Antimonopoly Service might investigate the advertising campaign launched by ZAO Bank Tinkoff.

The new video clip features the TV news presenter Arina Sharapova, Interfax refers to the bank’s Vice President for Marketing Oleg Anisimov as saying.

The advertisement was broadcast both on television and via the Itnernet; the video starts with a cue from ‘Sberbank’s customer’, a woman climbing the stairs who complains to the news presenter about her worries:

‘It’s always really busy at Sberbank,’ she laments.

Arina Sharapova replies by telling her about the loan offers available at Bank Tinkoff and suggests that the woman goes there.

The bank admitted the video was created upon their order, but, as it is, it was not intended for TV broadcasting.

‘This is just a draft version. Sberbank is never mentioned in the final TV version,’ Anisimov explained.

In the meantime, Sberbank is now looking into whether this advertisement can be considered fair practice.

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