Eurasia Cinema Production, Weburg still clash in Perm court

15 February 2011 (09:07)

Yet another court hearing on the case involving copyright infringement on the Net will start in Perm on February 16, 2011. The defendant is the Yekaterinburg-based web portal Weburg that specializes in offering culture and entertainment content.

OOO Eurasia Cinema Production filed a claim of over a million roubles against OOO Weburg for using six poster shots on their webpage that were designed exclusively as DVD skins. The posters promote the following films: The Grifters, True Crime, The Colt, The Governor's Wife / Deadly suspicion, Nightmare at the End of the Hall, and Der Geheimnisvolle Schatz von Troja.

According to the claim files, Eurasia Cinema bought the right to use the images in question from Cyprus-based Acidus Investments which, in its turn, bought the right from Shoreline Entertainment, RHI Entertainment, Warner Home Video, and Hallmark Entertainment. The plaintiff insists that the images, disseminated via the web, were used unlawfully by Weburg, who now has to pay 1.2mn RUR in damages to the copyright owner.

The court of first instance ruled that Weburg must pay 120,000 RUR to Eurasia Cinema Production, but the court of appeals ruled against the earlier decision.

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