Nikolai Maksimov interrogated in Yekaterinburg

The detention process itself is a purely formal procedure, this is why no procedural claims can be made in this respect. That we disagree with the grounds for arrest is another matter. The reason given in the detention warrant is that Nikolai Maksimov is hiding from the law-enforcement authorities even though it’s obvious he never thought of hiding,’ businessman Nikolai Maksimov’s lawyer Leonid Matveev told UrBC.

OAO Maxi Group’s minority shareholder Nikolai Maksimov was detained in Moscow the other day by the officers of Sverdlovsk Region’s Internal Affairs Department.

‘Nikolai Maksimov was detained after a press conference at Marriott Hotel. How a person giving a public conference that was announced and known to both the media and the law-enforcement authorities as early as February 7 can be hiding is beyond my understanding,’ the lawyer added.

‘Nikolai Maksimov is now in Yekaterinburg. He will be interrogated at 12:30 PM. I cannot tell you know how long it will take; in fact, it might last well into the evening,’ Matveev said.

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