Avtofrans to undergo bankruptcy proceedings

19 January 2011 (09:05)

Sverdlovsk Region Arbitration Court ruled on December 22, 2010 that ZAO Avtofrans will have to undergo bankruptcy proceedings, thus closing case А60-25406/10-C14, Kommersant reports under its Insolvency Announcements heading.

Evgeny Legalov, a member of Self-Regulatory Organization of Central Federal District Trustees in Bankruptcy Non-Commercial Partnership, was chosen as the company’s trustee in bankruptcy.

In fact, the company’s bankruptcy case has been in the court for over a year now. The first claim was laid by OOO UKS Invest; the plaintiff insisted that ZAO Avtofrans had to pay them for the work done within the framework of a construction financing agreement and for the plaintiff’s acting as the customer of the construction project, with the involvement of contractors; the debt comes to 5.87 million RUR, which sum was confirmed through the court’s ruling as of July 30, 2009.

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