Moscow flights awaited at Koltsovo Airport

28 December 2010 (09:31)

Several flights from Moscow still haven’t arrived at Koltsovo Airport of Yekaterinburg, the airport’s interactive announcement board states.

For one, Nordavia-Regional Airlines flight 5H 743 was supposed to have arrived at 2:30 AM but was delayed until 12:30 PM. In addition, two Aeroflot flights SU 735 and SU 741 from Sheremetyevo Airport have been delayed by twenty and nine hours, respectively.

Foreign air carriers’ flights also get delayed: Alitalia flight AZ 3784 was to have arrived at 5:50 PM yesterday but is actually only expected at 2:00 PM today. It has been reported that the flight was delayed due to technical problems.

Then, Air France flight AF 4430 was to have landed in Yekaterinburg at 5:20 AM but is only expected at 2:00 PM today.

All the delayed flights have trouble leaving Sheremetyevo Airport of Moscow.

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