Travel agents might lose money on Dominican tours

29 November 2010 (11:05)

‘It’s possible that Russia’s chief doctor responsible for sanitation issues Gennady Onischenko will decide to impose a ban on passenger flights to the Dominican Republic as soon as tomorrow, November 26. This has to do with an outbreak of cholera in the neighboring Haiti. Yekaterinburg travel agents dealing in tours to the Dominican Republic are now waiting for the tomorrow’s news to come,’ General Director of Mir Travel Company Sergey Buzko announced at a Coordination Committee for Foreign Travel’s recent meeting.

‘The Dominican Republic is a very popular place at the moment, given especially the fact that the high season has already started there. A lot of Yekaterinburg dwellers have already booked their flights for the New Year recess. As a matter of fact, a business class ticket costs as much as 300,000 RUR per person, so a family of four has to spend 1,200,000 RUR to fly to the destination. I just cannot imagine what is to be done in case the ban actually does get imposed tomorrow,’ Buzko said.

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