USTA: No one to overpay for Radisson SAS rooms

11 November 2010 (11:04)

‘The guests of Yekaterinburg hotels are largely people on business trips, who mostly choose a room on the basis of location and price. So, a hotel which is located in the business part of the city, is close to most transport links, and offers its rooms at a popular market price can definitely expect to have plenty of rooms taken. Now Radisson SAS is a hotel with a lot of rooms, great service, and above-the-average market price. It will therefore be very difficult, if not altogether impossible, to find people willing to pay a double or triple price for a room when a much cheaper hotel is located within fifty meters of Radisson. The only way out would be to offer rooms at a discount, which would actually render the whole enterprise unprofitable since high-class hotels normally have a lot of virtually non-reducible expenses,’ General Director of USTA Management Company Sergey Danilik informed UrBC.

Nevertheless, the construction of a Radisson SAS is about to begin in Yekaterinburg at the intersection of Malyshev St and Krasnoarmeyskaya St. The project is to be developed by Atomstroycomplex; the company has announced the construction will be finished by the end of 2013.

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