Finninno suggests Betfor launches layoffs

UrBC, Yekaterinburg, October 13, 2010. Finninno, a Finnish concern, suggested delivering the sets of equipment needed to manufacture elevator shafts to Betfor concrete goods plant (the asset of LSR Group). The proposal was made by Jarmo Huotari, and independent consultant, to LSR Group Ural branch’s Managing Director Andrei Bibikov in the course of the recent talks in Yekaterinburg.
The technological line in question will make it possible for the plant to produce a dozen shafts a day, which is two times more productive than the plant’s current capacity.
‘The production process is as automated as it can possibly be and fewer workers are needed, which means the goods can become cheaper. The technology used also allows for a decrease in the cost of construction site finishing jobs; besides, the exceptional precision of the component parts’ dimensions makes the assembling process much faster. It’s worth saying that such technologies have been used at Europe’s leading concrete goods manufacturing enterprises for quite a while already,’ the press service of LSR Group’s Ural branch reports.
The Group also admits they are interested in their Finnish partners’ proposal.
‘The recession has taught us to use all our resources rationally and to reduce our outgoings. Finninno’s business proposal sounds interesting: such a set of machinery makes it possible to cut down on production expenses and, in the long run, to decrease the prime cost of housing in the blocks under construction. However, before we make the decision to place our order for the new equipment, we have to look into other companies’ experience with these technological lines,’ Andrei Bibikov says.
The company insists, however, that no layoffs are to follow.
‘We announced as early as a few weeks ago that our company needs more employees. So, no one is going to be made redundant. In case the line does get installed, a portion of our workers will simply switch to the departments that need more staff,’ LSR Ural’s PR Manager Oleg Zemtsov said to UrBC.

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