Cyprus to set up consulate in Yekaterinburg

The Cyprian authorities, who proposed introducing a Consulate-General in Yekaterinburg, intend the establishment to serve as the regional visa application center that will render its services to the dwellers of Ural Federal District, The Republic of Cyprus’s Minister for Trade, Industry, and Tourism Antonis Pashalidis said at his meeting with acting Governor of Sverdlovsk Region Anatoly Gredin.

The meeting was mainly dedicated to issues related to the introduction of the consulate in Yekaterinburg and to the prospects of Cyprus and Sverdlovsk Region’s trade and economic relations.

Now Governor of Sverdlovsk Region Alexander Misharin has already signed the Russian Federation Government’s order on setting up a Cyprian Consulate-General in the city. The papers have been placed with Russia’s Foreign Affairs Ministry; the latter is about to complete the coordination part of the process that will end in launching Cyprian consulates in the Russian cities interested in having them.

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