SKB-Bank tops consumer lending

14 September 2010 (09:16)

The analysts of the Delovoy Kvartal magazine came up with a top list of Yekaterinburg and Sverdlovsk Region-based banks that did best in terms of consumer lending volumes as of July 1, 2010. OAO SKB-Bank proved one of the first local banking organizations in terms of total lending portfolio volume and the bank with the largest volume of loans issued to private individuals.

The magazine analysts report SKB-Bank offered a total of 8.227 billion RUR worth of loans to private customers by July 1, 2010. The bank’s grand lending portfolio comprises 7.5 billion RUR worth of consumer loans and about 700 million RUR worth of mortgages. The bank managed to raise its private individuals lending portfolio by 1.48 billion RUR over the last six months, Delovoy Kvartal says.

In the meanwhile, SKB-Bank keeps giving its customers increasingly more loans: in fact, the bank issues about 15,000 loans a month. This means one consumer loan gets processed in the bank’s offices every sixty seconds.

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