Customers can e-manage savings, UBRD says

9 August 2010 (14:10)

‘Judging by our semiannual report, deposits are still some of the most popular banking products at the moment. The customers are now paying attention not only to the interest rate level, the terms of capitalization, and the deposit period, but also to some other things like the topping-up option, for example, or the possibility to take some money out of one’s deposit account. This is why we have moved further in terms of deposit offer improvements and introduced e-management of deposits. Our customers can now freely control their savings remotely,’ says Vice President and Retail Services Director of the Ural Bank for Reconstruction and Development Alexei Ovchinnikov.
‘Thanks to our innovative technological platform and one of Russia’s most extensive ATM networks, we were able to launch an option that makes it possible for the customers to top up their deposits using our ATMs and the Telebank system. Besides, they can also take money out of their deposit accounts using the same means,’ Ovchinnikov explained.

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