Vysokovoltniy Soyuz makes machinery for Truskavets-91

9 August 2010 (14:09)

Vysokovoltniy Soyuz concern manufactured and shipped the machinery for the new power substation 110/35/10 kv Truskavets-91 of OAO Lvovoblenergo onto the plant. The concern’s experts performed all the procedures related to the production and testing of all the high-voltage gear that constitutes the machine.
The agreement for the delivery of the substation equipment was signed in February 2010; under this contract, the concern was to deliver a 110 kv outdoor switch-gear, a substation control center combined with KPRZ-10 factory-assembled switch-gear with fourteen KU-10C cells. All the machinery was made on the premises of the company’s Ukrainian production site RZVA-Electric.
The company’s press service reports the launch of the new substation will greatly improve the quality of the electric supply to scores of spas and health farms located in Truskavets, Ukraine’s major health resort.

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