Demidov’s investor looks for buyer, Mayor says

‘The investor of Demidov Business Center has no money at the moment, so it is impossible for the time being to be quite sure that the center will be finished in the nearest future,’ Mayor of Yekaterinburg Arkadiy Chernetskiy said in a recent interview to From Their Own Lips TV program.

‘We know they are now on the look-out for someone who’d buy the tower. In fact, there is not too much work left to do: the main structure has already been completed, so the building would be finished off in eighteen to twenty-four months. In terms of functions, the tower is going to be a business center and an office building. It’s true that the demand for offices decreased a bit because of the recession. However, we are coping with the economic problems now, so customers will most likely grow interested in the offices again,’ the Mayor said.

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