Koltso Urala’s deposits grow 30m daily

12 July 2010 (09:11)

Koltso Urala Commercial Bank’s Retail Department’s analysts report private individuals have been opening more deposits since the summer started, so the bank’s private individuals’ deposits volume is increasing by at least 15 million RUR daily these days.

Remarkably, the growth figures only reached 1 to 2 million RUR as recently as January.

The bank’s Retail Director Denis Belogurov says the deposit volume growth has been witnessed by the entire banking system. Various banks’ representatives explain that people no longer need a special reason for opening a bank deposit; they normally go on holiday and like to keep their savings in the bank rather than anywhere else.

The Central Bank’s data appear to prove this point: Russian citizens placed 691 billion RUR with the banks in January-May 2010, with the total private individuals’ deposit volume coming to over 8 trillion RUR on May 1, 2010. Analysts predict that if this trend carries on, the deposit volume might increase by one-quarter by the end of the year.

‘This forecast looks rather believable. Our people no longer need to be explained why deposits are the best way of saving money. The citizens have grown quite money-savvy, which is why they want to save up not at home but at the bank, to ensure protection and profit,’ Belogurov observes.

Now Koltso Urala has a great range of deposits for private individuals, with reasonable terms, competitive interest rates, protection from the exchange rate fluctuations, guaranteed payments of capitalized interest even if you take the money out before the end of the deposit period, the option of topping up your deposit at any given time, and so on. The Marathon deposit, for instance, guarantees a good profit of 12% a year for 100 days. You can add money to the deposit or get your money back and the capitalized interest at any given moment.

The annual interest rate of 12% is set for ruble deposits over the first 100 days of the deposit period in case you open the deposit on your birthday; on any other day, the annual interest rate for days 1-100 of the deposit period comes to 11%.

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