Ural Airlines and ALITALIA launch e-interline agreement

25 June 2010 (11:51)

The electronic interline agreement signed by Ural Airlines (U6) and ALITALIA (AZ) now came in full effect.

According to Ural Airlines’ press officer, a passenger can now get a single e-ticket for any connecting flights operated by both airlines. The itinerary receipt is printed on Ural Airlines’ official form.

The new offer means that the ticket-getting procedure grew much easier for the transit passengers; also, they can now check in their luggage only once.

Under the interline agreement, customers can get tickets from Yekaterinburg to scores of European cities, including the Italian ones, of course. Ural Airlines’ passengers are offered appealing connecting flight prices. For one, a domestic flight within Italy is available for ?479 plus fees. Among the Italian cities the passengers can fly to are Venice, Milan, Florence, Palermo, Turin, and many others.

As for the other European cities, Paris is definitely worth mentioning: a return flight from Yekaterinburg costs ?439 plus fees. A flight to Nice costs ?499 plus fees.

What is more, the airlines’ agreement makes it possible to fly to some Spanish cities like Malaga, Valencia, Madrid, and Barcelona for ?499 plus fees.

Finally, there’s the season’s newest offer: flights to Tripoli, Cairo, Casablanca, Tunis, Accra, and Lagos; prices start from ?619 plus fees.

For more information on prices and destinations, please call the Passenger Support Service at 8 800 2000 262.

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