Land Rover and Jaguar owners forced to use illegal dealers

19 April 2010 (09:20)

‘Once Avtoland Holding’s license hasn’t been renewed and the company can no longer represent Land Rover or Jaguar in Yekaterinburg, we have been getting considerably more customers. For one, the number of car owners who need the services of Krasnolesye car center has recently gone up by 1.5 times,’ Krasnolesye’s After-Sales Manager Alexander Koryukin informed UrBC.

Koryukin said the earliest appointments with the mechanics dealing with these particular brands were only available in May 2010.

‘After Avtoland Holding had stopped being these brands’ official dealer, some of Land Rover and Jaguar owners started going to Chelyabinsk, where the second closest official representation and a maintenance center of the two brands are located. Other drivers were forced to use illegal dealers and car mechanics. I really don’t know how skilled the performance of these mechanics is. After all, one can advertise anything as being of superb quality. Nevertheless, apparently, their services enjoy demand, otherwise they just wouldn’t survive. In any case, ours is a free market economy, so anyone can choose what they think is best,’ Alexander Koryukin said.

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