M.Video to open in ComsoMall in June

‘M.Video, the electronic goods hypermarket, will open its outlet in ComsoMall shopping center in Yekaterinburg in June or July 2010. The new store’s interior has been completed by 90%,’ M.Video’s press secretary Nadezhda Kisseleva announced at a press lunch in Yekaterinburg.

‘Our developer had some financing problems, but they have been solved by now,’ she added.

This means the opening of the mall will not take place in March 2010 as has been previously scheduled. The builder has already put off the opening date several times. Now M.Video was originally supposed to co-invest in the construction of the mall but changed its mind in September 2009, so the two companies signed a new lending agreement where M.Video was the lending and DVI Holding (the developer) the borrowing party.

‘Actually, the recession and the credit crunch made a lot of developers postpone the opening of their new shopping centers,’ Kisseleva observed.

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