Yazev sells portion of Yuveliry Urala’s shares

Deputy Chairman of the Russian Federation State Duma Valeriy Yazev recently sold a portion of ZAO Yuveliry Urala’s shares he owned. His shareholding decreased from 37.33% to 22.65%.

The share of his daughter Svetlana Yazeva in the jewelry business went down from 77.71% to 17.42%.

According to the company’s report, 17.42% of shares were presented to Valentina Morozova under a gift contract and 37.33% were handed over to OOO YAVA-Finance Management under a trust management agreement.

Also, OOO YAVA Management Company that used to own 19.76% of the company’s shares no longer has a share in the jewelry business’s authorized capital.

Yuveliry Urala was set up in 1896. The company makes jewelry items from precious metals and precious and semi-precious stones as well as souvenirs from ornamental stones.

The company joined YAVA Group in 2003.

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