FAS looks into Metro Cash & Carry

16 March 2010 (09:09)

The Federal Antimonopoly Service of the Russian Federation keeps looking into the business activity of Metro Cash & Carry upon its suppliers’ complaint, Kommersant reports.

The FAS intends to compare the store’s policies before and after the enactment of the Trade Law and believes Metro might have violated this law. When all the by-laws and provisions come into full effect in the second half of 2010, the Service will check a number of other retailers, Kommersant says.

According to Kommersant, the FAS has asked Metro’s suppliers for the copies of delivery agreements for 2008-2009, the protocols of negotiations clashes, the data on the total volume of deliveries made to Metro, the sums of bonuses, fines, marketing and advertising service payments non-related to the general agreement, etc, and for data on delayed payments. The suppliers are also expected to answer twelve questions on how Metro’s terms of delivery differ from those of the other chains, what changes have been made in the composition and amount of additional payments to Metro over the last year, and whether the supplier has an opportunity to insist on appealing terms of contract and turn down the unappealing ones,’ Kommersant says.

The chain currently operates two hypermarkets in Yekaterinburg.

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