MMK to produce 11.2m tons of goods in 2010

Magnitogorsk Iron & Steel Works (MMK) came up with the quality improvement plan for 2010.

To make sure the enterprise’s quality management system remains functional and efficient, MMK sets a number of quality targets for the enterprise as a whole and for its departments every year. This year, MMK intends to produce at least 11.2 million tons of metal goods. The company’s production departments are expected to improve the technologies used and thus to use no more than 1,070.2 kg of metal per ton of ready rolled products. Also, the labor productivity is expected to rise to 53.7 nominal tons per worker in 2010.

Besides, MMK’s quality improvement plans provide for 100% compliance with the normative quality requirements in the company’s production department and for 100% implementation of research projects aimed at technological improvements and design of new kinds of products for Gazprom and its suppliers, MMK’s PR Department reports.

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