Supermarket chain closes down two stores in Yekaterinburg

4 February 2010 (12:04)

Kirovskiy supermarket chain recently closed down two stores at 16 Lenin Ave. and at 62 Lenin Ave. in Yekaterinburg, the chain’s press officer Olga Nagibina said to an UrBC reporter.

‘As it happens, we own about 98% of all our shopping space, but a little bit is rented. The building at 16 Lenin Ave. belonged to two different proprietors, one of whom decided to sell his bit. So we did not think it would be expedient to renew our lease,’ she explained.

‘As for the store at 62 Lenin Ave, some technical examinations made it clear as early as December 2009 that the rented building was not in good condition. Therefore Igor I. Kovpak (the chain owner) thought it best to close down the store, especially since we run another store very close by, at 52 Lenin Ave,’ Nagibina added.

‘There is no closing-down trend to speak of. Quite on the contrary, we actually set up a new 10,000-square-meter store in Bilimbayevskaya St. at the end of 2009,’ she noted.

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