Shaft man killed at SUBR

19 January 2010 (10:30)

The investigative authorities of Severouralsk, Sverdlovsk Region are now looking into the causes of UC RUSAL Severouralsk bauxite mine (SUBR) worker’s death.

The fatal accident occurred at Kalyinskaya mine on January 15, 2010. The victim was a forty-five-year-old shaft man.

The scene of the accident has already been examined by the investigative team; it was detected that on that day the miners were doing some preparatory work and drilled over the mine face; the shaft man was within the ore bunker boundaries, that is, between 1,058 and 1,044 meters below the ground. A rock mass movement caused him to be swirled into the sagging rock funnel, which killed the unfortunate man.

Following the inspection of the case, the department’s investigative officer will have to take a procedural decision based on Articles 144 and 145 of the Russian Federation Criminal Procedure Code.

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