Governor Sumin supports investment projects

The 9th Ural Investment Forum devoted to the year-long recession and its developmental potential began in Chelyabinsk.

The event was attended by some foreign business executives, the legislative and executive branch officials, representatives of Ural Federal District’s constituencies, heads of regional industrial enterprises, banks, financial companies, and SMEs, and mayors of Chelyabinsk Region-based towns.

The forum began with the opening speech by Governor of Chelyabinsk Region Petr Sumin.

‘The forum has already become a traditional event and a good meeting place for networking, sharing ideas and proposals, and reaching some mutually beneficial agreements. This year, the forum participants find themselves in the middle of an economic gloom, but the mere fact that the forum coordinators were able to organize it proves that Chelyabinsk Region economy is not stagnating but getting ready to grow further,’ the Governor said.

‘It’s true that the global economic recession has halted our development. This region has suffered more than most other Russian territories due to its greater development. However, our economy’s real sector has been improving for the fifth consecutive month now. This is happening mainly because of the ongoing inflow of investments in the field,’ Petr Sumin observed.

‘I am grateful to all the investors for the great job they did in terms of investment and creating new jobs in Chelyabinsk Region. The scale of local investment projects varies, but each and every project is dear to us. We are willing to help every investor and support his or her project. This hard year calls for getting out of recession with a new quality of not only production and technologies but also of state-private relationship,’ Sumin added.

On December 10, 2009, the forum attendees spoke about the ways to make Chelyabinsk Region more competitive through international cooperation and consolidating the region’s internal resources. The following day was dedicated to the problems of towns with only one employer enterprise and to the ways of solving their problems in the new economic environment.

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