New management for Enel sound good, greens feel

‘Giving Enel OGK-5 a new head would be the right thing to do. I’d say the company might have considered dismissing Anatoly Kopsov at least partly because of his plans to introduce a dry ash handling system at Reftinskaya state district power plant,’ says Chairman of the International Socio-Environmental Union’s Sverdlovsk Region division Vladimir Terekhov.

In the meantime, RBC Daily reports the current head of Enel OGK-5 Anatoly Kopsov might really resign soon.

‘Following all the environmentalists’ protests and the scandal around the introduction of the dry ash handling system, the power plant’s management stopped discussing the project in public altogether. A court hearing regarding the problem will take place in Sukhoi Log, Sverdlovsk Region on December 15, 2009. We are waiting to hear the court’s ruling as we suspect the system is already being used at one of the power plant’s blocks. We cannot be totally sure because they don’t let us go in and check what’s going on,’ Terekhov notes.

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