Boris Ebzeev takes part in SKB-Bank’s opening ceremony

A solemn opening ceremony of SKB-Bank’s new office in Cherkessk took place on November 27, 2009. The ceremony was attended by President of Karachayevo-Cherkess Republic Boris Ebzeyev.

As a matter of fact, SKB-Bank set up an outlet in Cherkessk as early as three years ago, but the office used to operate as a representation only and couldn’t serve anyone except for businesses. Now SKB-Bank’s office works as a universal bank offering a full range of banking services to both private individuals and legal entities.

‘The locals are quite familiar with our bank already. They will be happy to become our customers now, and we are prepared to provide them with good quality, advantageous banking products fast,’ says Manager of SKB-Bank’s Cherkessk office Mussa Dotdayev.

SKB-Bank’s subsidiary network comprises over a hundred offices by now, located in sixty cities in twenty-one Russian regions.

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