Region’s share in malls to go to project owners, Minister says

24 November 2009 (14:04)

‘The profit resulting from selling Sverdlovsk Region’s 185-million-ruble share in Europe Business Center is expected to make up the lion’s share of the total revenues (that is, 227 million RUR) that came from selling public property to private owners in 2009. I believe the current owner of the business center is the most likely customer for this share,’ says Sverdlovsk Region Public Property Management Minister Alexei Molotkov.

‘The same is true of Uspenskiy Mall. Some of its assets are managed by the regional unitary enterprise that has been allowed by the regional authorities to sell the mall’s shopping space. All in all, the starting bid for the transaction has been estimated at about 200 million RUR. It is quite probable that the mall’s owner will buy this share out to become the building’s sole proprietor,’ Molotkov added.

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