Ural Airlines & DANKO Travel Company launch Yekaterinburg-Rimini flight

18 November 2009 (10:11)

Ural Airlines and DANKO Travel Company recently introduced a new flight from Yekaterinburg, Russia to Rimini, Italy.

‘The need for more flights to Italy comes up every January. However, the announced flights got cancelled in some of the previous years. This year, we can guarantee that all the flights announced for January 2, 9, and 16, 2010 will actually take place. We are doing our best to sell as many tickets as possible and even offer special events in addition to the tickets. For one, our customers can enjoy traveling, business, and skiing activities while in Italy. What is more, our prices are looking very good now. If you take off in Moscow, for instance, you can get a seven-day tour of Italy (with three cities included) for about 10,000 RUR,’ DANKO Travel Company’s GD Oksana Lyulintseva said at a press conference in Yekaterinburg.

The flight will be operated using an A 320 airplane.

‘We are glad to be offering more and more routes and we hope for long-term fruitful cooperation. Our company keeps getting new aircraft and takes good care of the existing ones. In case this flight enjoys stable demand, we can start using our comfortable Airbus A321 fit for nearly two hundred people,’ says Ural Airlines’ International Flights Director Marianna Galagura.

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