Marco Polo might face insolvency

12 November 2009 (13:38)

Sverdlovsk Region Arbitration Court is to consider the claim laid by OOO Kreativ against Marco Polo Trading House. The plaintiff demands that Marco Polo should be declared insolvent, the spokesperson for the court reports.

Kreativ deals in dwellings and public buildings design.

As for Marco Polo, the company has already closed down its office at 5 Korolenko St. in Yekaterinburg and is no longer able to operate. The first claims against the company were placed with Arbitration Court as early as the spring of 2009.

Marco Polo used to deal in wholesale supplies of beer and strong and low alcohol drinks and was the official dealer of Heineken Breweries, Moscow-Efes Breweries, Souyz Viktan, Kristall Lefortovo, and a number of other companies.

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