Russian Railways to make stations fit for disabled

The claim laid by the public prosecutor for transportation of Serov, Sverdlovsk Region, against Russian Railways Public Company was sustained by the court, the spokesperson for Ural public prosecution authorities for transportation reports. The claim was actually laid on behalf of the local dwellers with disabilities with the aim to protect their rights, freedoms, and legitimate interests; the plaintiff insisted that the railway company take action and restore these people’s infringed rights.

The court’s ruling states that Russian Railways Public Company’s Sverdlovsk Region division must make the building of Serov’s railway station fully friendly and fit for people with disabilities before February 1, 2010 in accordance with the federal law on the disabled.

For one, the building and the ticket offices must be fitted with special ‘phone booths’ that will provide audio data for the visually impaired, and with ‘text-phones’ for the hearing impaired. Then, the doors of the ticket offices must be programmed to stay open automatically for at least five seconds. Finally, access ramps must be built on the railway platform and at the entrance to the station, while the luggage facility entrance must be fitted with rails.

The decision taken by the court has already come into effect.

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