Governor Sumin to support Olympics

16 September 2009 (11:33)

Governor of Chelyabinsk Region Petr Sumin met some of the Russian international prize-winners to thank them for their achievements. This meeting was attended by the world judo and boxing championships winners and by the sports players who won in the Paralympics. Governor Sumin said Chelyabinsk Region was a home to the greatest number of Russian champions. The local schoolchildren’s world boxing championship’s medals made the Russian national team the world’s No.1, for instance.

‘Your victories stem from some hard, never-stopping work. You focused all your strength and stamina on the championship preparation, and you won. Thank you for standing by Chelyabinsk Region and Russia! We, in our turn, will keep supporting our sports players and help them get ready for the next championships and Olympics no matter what,’ the Governor said.

The Governor actually allocated 300,000 RUR to all gold medal winners and their coaches and 200,000 RUR to all the silver and bronze medal winners and their coaches.

His guests thanked the Governor and the regional government for their support and promised to do their best to do even better next time, the spokesperson for the Governor reports.

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