URALROS’s assets put up to auction

The assets of URALROS Insurance Company will be sold by auction on October 26, 2009, Aval Group (the auctioneer) reports.

The Federal Financial Markets Service revoked the insurer’s license in June 2009 and had the company undergo bankruptcy proceedings.

The assets in question include, among other items, a 40,400-square-meter office at 14 Lenin St. in Krasnouralsk, Sverdlovsk Region; two one-room studios in Nizhniy Tagil and Rezh, and three automobiles, namely, VAZ 21074 made in 2007, Daewoo Nexia Gle made in 2007, and Renault Logan (SR) made in 2006. The price of the office and the apartments comes to 218,000 RUR, 161,000 RUR, and 160,000 RUR, respectively.

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