Court looks into Bank Severnaya Kazna vs. Mayak

Sverdlovsk Region Arbitration Court is to look into the claim laid by Bank Severnaya Kazna against Mayak Corporation and Uralinvesttsentr on September 8, 2009. The plaintiff insists on being paid 50,350,624.66 RUR worth of the defendants’ debts and on having their mortgaged property arrested.

The property in question is Uralinvesttsentr’s detached two-storey building with a number of extensions a total area of 11,422.4 sq m; the company also has some tenant rights over a 148,190-square-meter land allotment whose opening price has been determined at 63,801,000 RUR. Both the building and the land allotment are located at 1A Akademik Vonsovskiy St. in Yekaterinburg.

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