Vladimir Frolov to buy Uran

8 September 2009 (13:22)

It has been reported to UralBusinessConsulting that Vladimir Frolov, a well-known Yekaterinburg-based businessman, has probably made up his mind as to what bank to cooperate with in order to work on his new project.

Bank Severnaya Kazna’s former Chairman declared as early as May 2009 that he was going to set up a new bank early in the fall; this bank was to become a foundation for ‘the world’s best online bank’. The new bank’s launch deadline, set by Frolov himself, hits on September 15, 2009, that is, in just one week, but the entrepreneur still hasn’t announced either the name of the bank or the financial organization which is to become its base.

Some experts think Severnaya Kazna’s former executive might have chosen Moscow-based KB Uran, a small-scale bank with 5 million RUR worth of authorized capital and 477 million RUR worth of net assets (as of January 1, 2009)

KB Uran Chair of the Supervisory Board Yulia Romanenkova admitted to an UrBC reporter that the bank was actually in the process of getting new proprietors.

‘We are currently going through some ownership scheme changes, with a new investor to join the proprietors soon,’ she said. However, Ms Romanenkova said she wasn’t at liberty to disclose the names until after all the formalities had been dealt with.

According to the bank’s official website, 99% of the company’s shares currently belong to Saint Petersburg-based Baltaktiv.

A number of analysts believe Vladimir Frolov could become the bank’s de facto proprietor by either buying it from the current owner or by acquiring Baltaktiv itself.

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