Pipe Metallurgical Company to pass 2008 dividend

2 July 2009 (08:43)

Pipe Metallurgical Company’s AGM in Moscow resulted in the shareholders’ decision to pass the dividend for 2009. Besides, the stockholders approved of the company’s annual report and the annual accounting report (including the profit and loss statement for the financial year 2008). Then, they elected the Board of Directors and the auditing committee. Ernst & Young were chosen to be Pipe Metallurgical Company’s auditor for 2009.

The company’s BOD now consists of Andrei Kaplunov, Sergey Papin, Dmitriy Pumpyanskiy, Igor Kmelevskiy, Alexander Shiryaev, and five Independent Directors: Alexander Shokhin, Mukhadin Eskindarov, Joseph Maru, Thomas Pickering, and Geoffrey Townsend.

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