Bogdanovitch china plant tries to block highway

‘We were trying to get to the federal highway, but we were prevented from doing so by two hundred special police force officers, who blocked all the way to the road. We’ve only got four hours to make the authorities resume the natural gas supply to the plant. The thing is, our furnaces will cool down without the continuous supply of gas, and it will be impossible to get them going again once they’ve grown cold. We mean to make more attempts as to blocking the federal highway,’ Bogdanovitch china plant’s Production Director Nadezhda Ulyanova said to UrBC.

The plant was faced with the possibility of full stoppage because the gas suppliers refused to deliver any more due to the plant’s unpaid debts.

In the meantime, Sverdlovsk Region Arbitration Court ruled that the plant is to undergo bankruptcy proceedings, with Elena Klochko of Ural Self-Regulatory Bankruptcy Commissioner Organization appointed the plant’s commissioner.

According to the spokesperson for Ministry of Industry and Science Evgeniy Kharlamov, the meeting devoted to the plant’s problems will take place this week.

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