MMK and Russian Railways sign cooperation agreement

Magnitogorsk Iron & Steel Works (MMK) and Russian Railways Public Company signed their Cooperation Agreement for 2009.

According to MMK’s PR Department, the agreement aims to create some mutually beneficial cooperation between the parties involved in the field of their transportation, production, financial, and investment policies.

Russian Railways Public Company has promised to handle the delivery of all of the plant’s produce in accordance with the latter’s applications. The plant’s Management Company, in its turn, promised to operate the rolling-stock with care and to supply Russian Railways with all the metal goods it needs. What is more, the metallurgical enterprise is to take part in financing the infrastructure development of Magnitogorsk-Gruzovaya railway station (located at South Ural Railways). The parties also agreed to help make MMK’s produce competitive on both the domestic and foreign markets and to hold conferences and meetings on important issues if needed.

Nearly 100% of goods that get delivered onto and from MMK are actually transported by railroads, with up to five hundred Russian Railways and over a thousand operator companies’ carriages located on the plant’s premises every day. The plant’s freight turnover amounted to 38 million tons in 2008.

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