Bank VEFK Ural’s trustee in bankruptcy faces 1.26 billion RUR worth of claims

8 June 2009 (08:05)

Bank VEFK-Ural’s trustee in bankruptcy has been faced with 1264.1 million RUR worth of claims laid by 489 creditors. The claims of 379 creditors (worth 1182.3 million RUR altogether) have been acknowledged; this figure includes the claims of 86 top-priority creditors (whose claims amount to 9.9 million RUR). The trustee in bankruptcy is currently considering the papers presented by 109 creditors (with claims amounting to 68.8 million RUR); 13 million RUR worth of claims has already been rejected.

The information as to Bank VEFK-Ural’s bankruptcy proceedings is carried by Oblastnaya Gazeta.
According to the trustee in bankruptcy’s preliminary estimates, the bank can afford to spend 126.9 million RUR to meet its creditors’ claims at the moment (given that the current bankruptcy proceedings result in some expenses as well).

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