SUBR workers to go picketing

UC RUSAL Severouralsk bauxite mine (SUBR) Independent Trade Union is planning to organize a picket in Severouralsk. The workers are going to protest against their cancelled meal subsidies. The picket starts at 10 AM next to the administration building, with 200 to 300 workers likely to show up. This is going to be a silent event, with only banners to make the point.

UC RUSAL representatives, in their turn, have accused the trade union of bringing instability into the already difficult social situation. The company claims they had to stop subsidizing their workers’ meals in order to save money and thus prevent large-scale redundancies and plummeting salaries.

In the meantime, the employees of BazelCement Pikalevo (located in Leningrad Region) blocked the federal Vologda-bound highway to protest against their plant’s trouble a few days ago.

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