Fedulev faces new charges

Pavel Fedulev, who is currently serving his term in prison, has been charged with new offenses described in Article 17 (part 4) and Article 102 (paragraph a) of the Russian Soviet Federative Socialist Republic Criminal Code and Articles 159 (part 4), Article 33 (part 3), and Article 105 (paragraphs a, g, h) of the Russian Federation Criminal Code. The announcement to this extent was made by Sverdlovsk Region’s division of the public prosecution authorities today.

For one, the authorities are looking into the assassination of E.B.A. Corporation’s President Andrei Yakushev on May 9, 1995 (this was supposedly driven by a lucrative impulse). The victim actually cooperated with Pavel Fedulev in the field of buying Yekaterinburg Meatpacking Plant’s shares.

The former businessman is also accused of large-scale fraud targeted at stealing the estate of Ural Consumer Electronics Plant and CompanionProm between March 2005 and December 30, 2005. Then, Fedulev is accused of organizing the assassination of Yu.S. Melekhin and T.N. Lebedeva, which was presumably performed by a group of hired killers.

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