Koltsovo Airpot’s claims slanderous, Ural Airlines insists

24 April 2009 (16:46)

‘The claims made by Koltsovo Airport’s press officer Yulia Fedotova to Ura.ru are not true and can even be seen as slanderous,’ the spokesperson for Ural Airlines said to an UrBC reporter.

Apparently, Koltsovo Airport of Yekaterinburg is currently dispersing the information about the poor quality of meals offered by the airline on board.

‘We are now cooperating with another airport in terms of some of the catering services. This new partner has got all the necessary certificates, and the goods are delivered on board in the vacuum-sealed factory packaging. We don’t offer our passengers any deli foods, so any claims as to our serving the food in an unhygienic way are simply the airport’s means of blackmailing us,’ Ural Airlines says.

‘Yulia Fedotova’s claims signal the airport’s press service’s total lack of information or the deliberate attempt to misinform the public, so anything else the airport might state about us in the future will naturally look doubtful,’ the carrier’s press officer adds.

‘As for the news items carried by Uralinformburo, these cannot be used as a reliable source of information. Our press service never got any inquiries from this agency, and in case some details are needed, we’ll be more than happy to organize an interview with our CEO Sergey Skuratov. Ural Airlines believes in being open and is opposed to the unfair practices employed by the airport’s press office,’ the spokesperson for the airline explains.

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