URSA Bank’s Kopilka made available throughout Russia

8 April 2009 (10:03)

URSA Bank’s Kopilka (i.e. Money-Box) offer has recently become available throughout the entire country.

‘Any customer who gets their salary paid through our bank’s card can now put some money aside automatically – either a certain proportion of their month’s pay or a fixed sum of money each month,’ URSA Bank reports.

Kopilka used to be only offered at the bank’s Siberian offices, so this is a welcome change.

‘To use the offer in the Ural offices, one needs to set up a term deposit at the bank and sign an additional agreement. In case a customer has got a deposit already, only an additional agreement is needed. From this moment on, all the sums will get transferred by default, so the customer need not come to the office in person,’ the bank’s press officer explains.

‘Kopilka gives our clients a chance to save their money and protect it from ‘accidental’ splashing out as well as to get a nice interest. What is more, a customer can choose the amount, the kind of deposit, and the term to their own liking,’ says URSA Bank’s Vice President Alexei Sannikov.

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