Uralvagonzavod’s GD might resign

8 April 2009 (10:05)

UralBusinessConsulting was informed that Uralvagonzavod’s General Director Nikolai Malykh might soon resign.

The whole thing began in March 2009 when President of Russian Railways Vladimir Yakunin criticized the company’s performance bitterly during his visit to Novosibirsk.

‘This enterprise needs to pay more attention to the quality of its produce. There was an accident involving a carriage made in 2007 at East Siberian Railroad only yesterday, which signals very poor quality control and horrid technologies. The plant’s management must learn to run the business properly first and only then try passing the buck,’ Interfax quoted Yakunin as saying.

Nevertheless, Russian Railways’ press officer denied all the rumors to the UrBC reporters, while Uralvagonzavod’s press secretary Boris Mineev was equally unable to update the agency on the possible top echelon personnel changes. He did confirm, however, that a BOD meeting would be held on April 21, 2009.

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