Ural Airlines makes tickets to Tajikistan cheaper

Ural Airlines lowered the ticket prices for its Yekaterinburg-Dushanbe and Yekaterinburg-Khudzhant prices on March 17, 2009. The special price now comes to ?200, and there is no fuel fee. The only extra payment is the commission charged for the paper slip of the ticket (which does not have to be printed out but can be if the customer wants it to). What is more, there duration of this special offer is unlimited.

Tickets can be booked and bought via the company’s website www.uralairlines.com.

In addition to the special ticket prices on flights bound for the CIS members, Ural Airlines has also made it possible for the passengers flying to Dushanbe, Khudzhant, Tashkent, Baku, and Yerevan to carry more luggage with them without extra charge. The limits have been extended to 25 kilos for passengers flying economy class and to 35 kilos for those flying business class.

For more detail, call the Passenger Support Service 8 800 2000 262 (toll-free within Russia).

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