Environmental watchdog finds faults with UAZ-SUAL

11 March 2009 (08:15)

Sverdlovsk Region’s division of Rosprirodnadzor (the state environmental watchdog) performed a series of unscheduled inspections of local enterprises. As a result, plenty of environmental offenses were detected.

For one, Baronskoye Mining failed to eliminate one of the three subsoil use regulation violations and therefore had a 3,000-ruble mine imposed on it, the spokesperson for Ural Federal District’s division of Rosprirodnadzor says.

UAZ-SUAL turned out to have violated two regulations and was ordered to improve on the situation. The inspection of Uraltransmash (carried out upon the request of Uralsnab) deteced seven environmental offenses; as a result, the enterprise received four orders and will have to pay a 230,000-ruble fine.

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