No demand guaranteed for Dior, manager says

6 March 2009 (09:43)

‘We understand that there might be little demand for our clothes at the time of a crisis. Yet our Yekaterinburg boutique has always been seen as a long-term investment, so we were prepared for this. Besides, we are positive that things will get back to normal and we will be a success. We expect to keep the excitement about the brand up by all sorts of shows and presentations,’ Pierre De Maigret, General Manager at Christian Dior Russia, announced at the opening of their Christian Dior boutique in Yekaterinburg.

In the meantime, the ongoing crisis has already forced some luxury brands to leave the Russian market or to postpone the proposed breakthroughs because of the economic difficulties.

‘We realize that the building we rent in Yekaterinburg is a top-class one and that the rent will amount to quite a lot. But we also realize that the proprietors are spending pretty sums of money on maintenance, so we are ready to pay,’ the executive added.

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