Leader Holding Company leaves CIT Capital

13 February 2009 (14:18)

Leader Holding Company sold its 33.3216% shareholding in CIT Capital to STANMORLAND INVESMENTS LIMITED and CHARISMA COMMERCIAL GROUP INC. The former bought a 24% shareholding in CIT Capital; the latter acquired the 9.3216% one.

The court actually declared CIT Capital insolvent on December 27, 2008; the decision was taken on the basis of CIT Capital’s application where the company explained that they owed their creditors over 3.982 billion RUR. At the moment, the business has 16.708 million RUR worth of top-priority commitments, whereas a number of general jurisdiction, arbitration, and referees courts are looking into the claims laid against CIT Capital; all the claims amount to 42.343 million RUR altogether. In the meantime, the debtor is reported to have 3.502 billion RUR worth of assets, including cash and accounts receivable.

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