Andrei Gavrilovskiy deceives Governor, Minister claims

6 February 2009 (08:25)

‘Mr. Gavriolvskiy simply deceived the Governor and all those also present at the moment. He said that we had been procrastinating the solution for two years, but, as it turned out at today’s meeting, this isn’t true. We only received his application in October 2008,’ the Minister for State Property Management Alexei Molotkov announced at a press conference in Yekaterinburg.

The Minister actually referred to the report Andrei Gavrilovskiy (who is currently putting up the third section of Antey Business Center in Yekaterinburg) made at a recent meeting chaired by the Governor of Sverdlovsk Region Eduard Rossel. The businessman said to the Governor that he had been having problems with the ten-level parking lot (three underground floors and seven above-ground ones).

‘The issue of putting up a parking lot has been under discussion for over three years now. 90% of the land allotment for the lot is to be provided by the city council, and we’ve had no trouble with that. The remaining 10%, however, belong to Sverdlovsk Region Healthcare Ministry which is absolutely not willing to give us this land; all the papers have been fighting with the red tape in the numerous legal departments,’ Gavrilovskiy said.

Says the Minister: ‘Nobody is interested in preventing Mr. Gavrilovskiy from completing his project, but there are certain procedures to be followed. This particular area is managed by one of Sverdlovsk Region Healthcare Ministry’s departments, and the routine of carrying out property transactions is a bit difficult in such cases. What we suggested was that Mr. Gavrilovskiy should have this land transferred from one kind of operating control into another, more suitable one, and then take part in an auction. Since he is using a portion of this land allotment already, he would naturally have an advantage over all the other bidders. As a matter of fact, Mr. Gavrilovskiy has already informed us that the solution appears to have been found in the end.’

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