SKB-Bank’s ATM network numbers 340 machines

SKB-Bank recently set up three more ATMs within the region; one new machine is located in Chelyabinsk at 16 Komsomolsky Ave. (Galaxy Entertainment Center), another one in Aramil, Sverdlovsk Region (Zarya Mall at 10 Pervoye Maya St. Then, the third ATM was launched in Volzhskiy, Volgograd Region (Nadezhda department store at the intersection of Lenin St and Fontannaya St. This means SKB-Bank’s ATM network now comprises 340 machines altogether, with 15 of them based in Chelyabinsk Region and 134 based in Sverdlovsk Region.

All of these three new ATMs operate 24/7 and offer their users a wide range of options from cashing to paying phone and housing bills to paying traffic fines and parking tickets.

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